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The Brand

Instant Storytelling

Interview with Yves CHENEVARD, Co- creator of the instant brand.


How did the two creators of the instant brand meet ?

We met while working together in the pharmaceutical industry and then individually in the cosmetics industry for over 20 years. We then decided to launch our own brand in 2006, fifteen years ago.

How did the idea of creating the instant brand come about ?

Through our experience in different dermo-cosmetic laboratories we felt the need to create a brand with a simplified and specific offer that facilitates the recommendation by skin professionals (Dermatologist, Aesthetic Doctors, Esthetician, Pharmacists …)

What was the triggering factor that pushed you to embark on this adventure ?

The need for freedom to choose our directions, taking into account the real needs of the markets and consumers, without putting profitability as an absolute priority as in the large groups.

We also focused on the acceptability and tolerance of textures because we had noticed that consumers’ bathrooms were flooded with products that had been tried once or twice and abandoned because of unappreciated texture.

Finally, we decided from the start to ban added fragrances in our products in order to minimize the risk of allergies.

What is the specificity of the instant range ?

For the record, one of the 2 creators of the range suffered recurrently from a gastric ulcer and when the pain was too intense, he used to suck licorice root which quickly brought him relief from his gastric pain. Based on this observation, he wondered about the possible anti-inflammatory effect that licorice extract could have on the skin.

The multiple researches on the soothing effect of this extraordinary active ingredient allowed to identify that the great Greek philosopher Theophrastus in the 3rd century BC already advised it in case of gastric ulcer

It was also highlighted, during research, its long-standing presence in the European pharmacopoeia and as one of the flagship plants of traditional Chinese medicine under the name GAN CAO.

The creators of instant thus held the thread, the DNA which was going to preside over the development of the range: the extract of liquorice, as an obviousness, had to be present in all the instant products for its really soothing effect for the sensitive skins, principal cause of consultation at the professionals of the skin.

Why “instant” brand ?

Our challenge from the start was to make “instant” an international brand, with the aim of finding a simple brand that could be pronounced in most languages. We also wanted to use the brand to suggest the instantaneous effect of our products applied to the skin.

Where to findinstant” ?

For 15 years, the instant brand has been present in about 15 markets with a « cosmeceutical » product business model, i.e. recommended by skin professionals and sold in pharmacies. However, this business model is evolving and adaptable according to the specificities of each market.